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Our aim is educate scorers and potential scorers of baseball

The aim of the Western Australian Baseball Scorers and Statisticians Association (also known as WABSSA) is to educate scorers and potential scorers of baseball by providing experienced accredited scorers to run clinics at all levels.

Our scorers are volunteers who support their team, club and state. Usually parents begin their involvement through their children in junior baseball, one or a few parents will be handed asked to score just before the season starts and will learn from a parent who has previously scored or they will attend a clinic to learn.

While being able to sit at one of the best seats at the game, scorers are a necessity and provide a running record of what has happened during the game for coaches, umpires, players, spectators and officials. This information is then sent to the Association to be entered into a database to show the ladder of how teams are progressing throughout the season and eventually finals.

A scorer can choose how slowly or quickly they wish to learn and or become accredited. Usually once a scorer has a grasp on the basics they will continue through their child’s career from junior through to senior baseball and at some point will participate in clinics and gain their level accreditation. It is here that some scorers will go further and participate in state and/or national tournaments.

No matter what level a scorer is at, WABSSA are always keen to help those who wish to learn or have questions regardless of whether a scorer is accredited or not.

Here in this document we wish to provide and record the history of our Association from its conception through the years. We have had many wonderful scorers who have participated in all levels of baseball scoring from just beginning, right through to scoring at the Olympics.

We would like to thank all of those who have served on our committee for their hard work and dedication with helping all those who wish to learn and better their skills.

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