Meet our 2021-22 Committee

2021/2022 Line-up 


Natalie Todd – President

Our new Queen of Hearts and baseball diamonds.  Actually, she looks exactly like the previous President! 


Linda Lawrance – Vice President

Fell down the Queen’s rabbit whole only to find some crazy characters at the mad scorer’s tea party.


Renee Rawlinson – Secretary

She just keeps swimming, just keeps swimming. The rest just keep scoring, just keep scoring. 


Gabby Rawlinson – Treasurer

Back again as the scorer’s scrooge, except we like her a lot more! 


June Anderson – General committee (Life Member)

Keeper of keys and sweet treats at the Holilond School of Scorers and Wizardry


Nerida Bertrand – General committee

Can colour co-ordinate her outfit, and book with a black pen, led pencil, blue, green, orange, and red pen!


Annaliese Arndt – General Committee 

She’s fabulous darling! We all know it.


Joedy Hardie – General Committee

Bippity Boppity Boo, she’s here to score for you, and you and you!


Robyn Miller – General Committee
Is there anything a working mother, bride to be can’t do? Apparently not!

Ellen Rowbottom – General Committee
Batter up, down, left, right and twirling…always twirling.